SLASHER U is a horror-comedy dating sim RPG with full-blown sex mechanics, tons of heartwrenching romance and friendship storylines, and a wicked sick 90's theme sure to make even the most deep-fried saw dungeon aesthetics/dick jokes fans jealous.

Act 1 has 3~ hours of gameplay per romance option for a total of 12~ hours (and each Act should be just as long!)


  • RPG style gameplay with items, unlocks, quest chains, story choices & story puzzles, etc, all revolving around the main romances
  • Makeout minigames unique to each character!
  • Full blown sex minigames unique to each character!
  • Four dateable characters (so far), tons of flirtable cuties
  • Act 1 in a 3-act story! Act 1 is about 3~ hours of gameplay per romance arc/character, with a total of 4 romances!
  • Fully art’ed hand-drawn characters with a bevy of reacts
  • Bonus Slasher U Class minigames that’re horror/slasher themed, like Hallway Sprinting 101 and Student Hunting 101
  • Kink-positive romances (and vanilla ones, too)
  • Sex & NSFW stuff (including graphics) are toggle-able for all my aces out there (and twitch streamers) with no gameplay or romance penalty; plenty of stage-based consent checks for The Weird Shit. Also, enjoy the Weird Shit!
  • Every relationship is written with a full spectrum of orientations in mind, including p much every configuration of LGBTQIA+ relationships (so everyone's technically playersexual, but each romance/experience differs based on wlw/mlm/ostensibly bi/ostensibly het/etc player+romance partner mechanics; characters also have specific preferences). Tons of fun gender stuff like character creation having separate gender and sex options, with love, your friendly neighborhood trans game dev
  • 90’s inspired adventure game map in All-American Murder College Theming (TM)
  • Evolving relationships with plenty of models, systems, and interlocking storylines and quests, from pursuing your crush to relationship life (or undeath, your call). My personal pet peeve is when romances in games END when they say Yes to asking you out/marriage/being a couple, etc, so here at Slasher U, saying Yes to the Relationship is just the beginning!
  • Cheating, poly, jealousy, and true-love<->just sex and everything in between spectrums & mechanics
  • An homage to scary movies and a serious attempt by the OP to make a well-balanced, reactive, romantic, emotionally pathos-laden, and contextually satisfying sex game (with tons of y2k style dick jokes)

"Slasher U isn't just a typical dating sim [..] it's more than that—it's a rollercoaster of feelings, laughs, some really intense scenes. This game doesn't just touch on grown-up topics; it balances on the line between controversy and exceptional storytelling." -Otome Lovers

"Slasher U is an incredibly complex game, mechanically [..] an adult horror-comedy that is as surprisingly deep in its discussions on the theme of otherness as it is unabashedly horny on main [..] This is the kind of experience that is so niche it’s practically its own genre. There’s plenty of things I had never expected to find in a game, not even a queer adult game." -Digital Diversity

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/slasheru

Website: www.slasherugame.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChiSXQmplfBCvD33-DZms7g

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SlasherUgame

Tumblr: https://slasheru.tumblr.com/

Get extra stupid with the Slasher U playlist

some nice things people have said about SLASHER U so far (!!!):

ACT 1 TRAILER yes a trailer for a game that is already out, eat me

The main driving factors behind SLASHER U are:

  • A super-reactive dating world: the course of your chosen romance plays out completely differently based on your personality, choices, and actions; everyone has something to do/say about who you decide to kiss/date/bang/reject, and parts of the story unlock based entirely on your experiences with certain characters. You're not the only one piloting the romances either: I worked my ass off to ensure characters have agency all their own, and they'll decide to ask you on dates, reveal secrets, and hit up yer DMs, all on their own (if they develop a crush on you, that is).
  • No "story-gating" romances - the romances ARE the story, your progress in your romance(s) pilots the plot and progress of this RPG
  • Things don't "end" when you "get" the guy/gal/enby/genderfluid cutie - storylines at Slasher U play out til the end, and my personal pet peeve is games that end romance content when you get married/start dating/whatever, so at Slasher U, saying Yes to being a couple is just the beginning!

Act 1 is about 3ish hours of gameplay if you do one romance arc, and there are 4 total, for about 10-12 hours of gameplay. & I'm estimating Act 2 & 3 will both be about as long so the whole game should run about 15~ hours if you just romance one person, which is p sick. I'm hoping to get the Act I alpha out in March 2023 and then... spend the rest of the next year and a half making the rest of the game :v The whole thing's made in Wolf RPG editor, so no plugins or anything, just the world's hugest amount of scripting from scratch :)))))))))))) (matthew mcconaughey cigarette dot jpeg)

I started messing around with making SLASHER U in August/early September-ish 2022, and it's a hobby of mine (former game dev who really doesn't wish to be burnt out), so the documentation has a lot of "ay lmao"s typed in there. Hi guys!