Summer Camp Slashery Sale: Act 1 for Under Ten Bux!

"Slasher U isn't just a typical dating sim [..] it's more than that—it's a rollercoaster of feelings, laughs, some really intense scenes. This game doesn't just touch on grown-up topics; it balances on the line between controversy and exceptional storytelling." -Otome Lovers

"Slasher U is an incredibly complex game, mechanically [..] an adult horror-comedy that is as surprisingly deep in its discussions on the theme of otherness as it is unabashedly horny on main [..] This is the kind of experience that is so niche it’s practically its own genre. There’s plenty of things I had never expected to find in a game, not even a queer adult game." -Digital Diversity

some nice things people have said about SLASHER U so far (!!!):

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