Laila is a go-getter alpha girlboss type, who aims to be the best Final Girl in Slasher U history. She's head of the lacrosse team, gets straight A's, and is VERY particular - but she's earned it (and she's got the attitude to prove it).

Laila is systemically and narratively the hardest to impress, and includes gatekeeping mechanics based on the Player's campus activity. Laila's a total top & her unique hookup mechanics alter her reactions depending on how much of a good/bad wink wink partner you are. (No, they're not mutually exclusive.) Despite Laila's sauce levels, she's actually a super hopeless romantic, and her storyline requires you to take her to a Final Girl-style debutante ball slash gauntlet where the last Final Girl/Guy standing wins a prestigious scholarship. Pack your machete and/or formalwear!