Sawyer is a former Summer Camp Slashery major who's now studying Criminal Justice Law. He's got an old-school love for classic masked stalking and murder, and is probably (ironically) the most level-headed and self-aware person at Slasher U (barring the former summer camp slashery, I mean). He's got a complicated history with Headless Horsemike you can uncover, plus a real empathetic side that makes for some introspective/interested/varied flavor when it comes to interacting with you re: your beau (boo? does that count as a horror pun?). Y'know, just don't get him started on talking about the whole masked murder thing. He tends to get a liiiiiittle too carried away with enthusiasm.

Sawyer features lots of super-fun BDSM accoutrements, minigames, and flavor, and an extensive aftercare menu! heart heart!