Q: Are you gonna put SLASHER U on Steam one day?

A: YES ACTUALLY ACT 1 IS OUT ON STEAM RN!!!! (you'll need to be logged into Steam to see that page as it's an 18+ game)

Q: Is there a walkthrough/guide for Act 1?

A: Yes!! There's a guide to all the romances, unlockables, plus all the Act 1 collectibles, (but not all the story variations) here!

Q: I found a bug! Where should I report it?

A: Either in the Bugfinder General thread on itch, OR in the #bugs-bugs-bugs channel on the Slasher U Discord!

Q: I'm on a Windows 10 machine and the music is skipping! Help me, Plutonium, you're my only hope!

A: In your Slasher U folder, open up the file named "Game.cfg" (it should open as a text file). Change where it says "SEandBGM=3" to say "SEandBGM=2" instead. Hey Presto! You now (should) have unskipping music!

Q: I have a Mac/Linux machine! Are you ever gonna make a port?

A: You know it!! The Slasher U Act 2 Crowdfundr hit its goal early, which means I'm working on the Mac port as we speak! You can also play on Wine for Linux (use your 32-bit sound drivers)!

If you can't wait, there's instructions for running the Windows version on Mac, via PortingKit, here!

Q: How do I move my save game progress from an old download to a new download if I'm on itchio?

A: Each new update ("new build") comes with a blank Save folder - simply copy-paste everything from your OLD Save folder (except System.sav) into the NEW folder! (Steam has Cloud Saves enabled - to check if yours is on, right click the game in your library and adjust your settings.)

Q: How do I use items like the dorm key, coffee, gifts, etc?

A: Just click to select/use the Space bar on the item in your inventory!

Q: How does poly stuff work?

A: Just roleplay/chat/seduce/flirt with any other romanceable you like, and the game will adjust! Currently, there's full jealousy mechanics with all dateables, and Tate, Sawyer, and Laila have extra poly dialogue.

Q: Is Horsemike a bottom?

A: Totally. And yes, he's a bratty one.