So now the Act 1 alpha is out... WHAT NEXT?!?!

  • 1. ALPHA TESTING ZONE - The Act 1 Alpha gets nailed out and tested by all you fine fine fine Slasher U student diesmbody members. Y'all kick ass :') **YOU ARE HERE**
  • 2. ACT 1 FEATURE COMPLETE - Once Sawyer's romance arc is implemented, the Act 1 end bumper is cleaned up, and I make some minor cuts/changes to the cutscenes, it'll be the kibosh on NEW FEATURES.
  • 3. ACT 1 TESTING keeps on rolling into beta. (Same URL/project page as the alpha, though!)
  • 4. ACT 1 polished releases to the public (core/original/the version you know and love that's been available will always be free/pay what you want; Act 1 with full art nudity unlocks will be $4.99. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THE NSFW ART; all the boning and everything's still in there!)
  • 5. While ACT 1 is out in the wild, I'll be spending the next year finishing Acts 2 & 3 of the game (which won't be released in chapters - it'll be rolled into Act 1 and released as a full game.)
  • 6. When I get a good sense of the scope/work/timeline of Acts 2 & 3, I'll be (please don't kill me) running a kickstarter for releasing Acts 2 & 3 (specifically: licensing fonts, score, and funds for distro)
  • 7. Closed Alpha for Acts 2 & 3 once they're ready. Closed Alpha pool will be existing Act 1 SU players, backers, & from a signup sheet!
  • 8. Once everything is all SEXY and DONE and POLISHED, acts 1, 2, and 3 will be rolled into THE FULL SLASHER U GAME; and released for (tentatively??) $14.99, which for 15 hours of gameplay is a deal schmeal deal i'd say. Act 1 will STILL be up and STILL BE FREE/PWYW as a "extended demo" type deal (your save files WILL be able to be imported into the full game from a plain Act 1 game file).